How to Become Number 1 Amazon Best Seller

By Kris Gilbertson

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How to Become a #1 Amazon Best Seller is easier today since than most people realize since Amazon has recently taken the internet marketing community by storm. Courses have been flooding the internet to show newbies how to create digital books that sell like hotcakes, how to price them correctly, and how to rank them at the top of Amazon's search results to drive readers into becoming incredible clients in their business. The result has been a very profitable selling experience on Amazon for many people, although you must learn the correct process to prevent yourself from being banned from the mega retailer.

Why Amazon?

With over 300 million active buyers, Amazon is the largest bookstore on the planet. It's a brand name that is trusted among buyers as well as search engines, getting over 54 million hits per month. It sells over 34.2 billion products every year and is expected to make $100 billion in this year alone. Amazon's Kindle outsold even the iPad, making it one of the most popular items sold. All of this puts writers who publish their work on the Kindle platform in a prime position to make large profits and become instant experts in their field of choice.

Becoming A #1 Amazon Best Seller

The path to becoming a #1 Amazon bestseller is actually pretty simple. First, pick a hot market. Do a search for current Kindle titles and find out what is selling well and what you can write comfortably with a certain amount of research. Writers have had success with everything from erotic fiction to developing the perfect golf swing. Next, you must create your eBook. If you're comfortable with the subject and your writing is strong, you might write it yourself. Otherwise, you can find many writers online who will be willing to create your digital book for you, for a price. Once you have your product, you must pick your price. Amazon has price range recommendations, and if you follow them you will receive a higher percentage of each sale. Also, take a lesson from the grocery store: if the price is listed as $4.00, it won't sell as well as if it is listed as $3.99. Finally, hit the publish button and sit back to collect your royalties. You can promote your digital book in a number of ways or hope for it to be found. The choice is really up to you.

Amazon's Rules

You'll never become a #1 Amazon bestseller if you can't get your work published, and Amazon has a few rules that you absolutely must follow. If you break these rules, you can be banned for life from the number one retailer in the world.

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Where to Buy Electronics Best Sellers For Gifts Or Yourself

By Jimmy Milner

When shopping for consumer electronics devices either for yourself or as a gift for a friend or relative, you will get the best deals if you shop online. Buying at the local department store or specialist outlet is likely to be a more expensive purchase.

It doesn't really matter who you are buying for or what it is you are trying to buy as you will find that competition between websites selling the top electronics products will always mean that this keeps prices down especially on the most popular items. Devices such as iPods, cell phones, digital cameras and GPS navigators, for instance, are in high demand. These items are electronics best sellers and the companies selling them will closely monitor the prices of the same items sold by their biggest competitors.

The good news is that if you are buying one of these most popular devices, the fact that they are selling so well, means that the product is probably a good buy as many have already bought these products. It's almost like a seal of approval, although in some cases it could be just be a trend being promoted by hype and in this case you would be wise to do more research online to determine whether you really are buying a good product.

So, by shopping for what you want online, you will be able to quickly find the hottest electronics gifts at some of the lowest prices around. This is because many of the online retailers will always offer lower prices on the best selling electronics products, which are in the greatest demand. This is just their policy, as they know that by selling cheaper they will sell many more items and in the long run this will actually make them more money. You can therefore benefit from the low prices they offer on their best sellers.

Another benefit of shopping online is that it takes away many of the hassles you get from a traditional shopping expedition to the mall. The great thing about online shopping is that you do not have to get in your car and drive to the mall to get to the stores. No other shoppers to compete for the assistants' attention. No miserable cashiers. No stress! It's just so much better when you can stay there in the comfort of your home.

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